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Hosting fantastic events is just the tip of the iceberg



Huge Events

We hold massive events such as our Dola Re Garba during Navratri, Jyoti Diwali Ball and our colourful Rang de Holi celebration at the end of the academic year. We also organise the spectacle that is East Meets West – a stage production including acting, singing, dancing and other talents all linked to our culture.


Intimate Socials

‘Hindu Society is like a big family’ is the feedback we receive year in and year out. Hindu society has socials which help each and every member to get to know each other. Previous socials have included meals, bowling, cinema, mini golf and many other fantastic activities. Even if you haven’t been to many socials so far, it’s never too late to join! The society always welcomes new members with open arms.



We hold weekly badminton, football and netball sessions, as well as playing Kabbadi and Kho-Kho, both Indian sports. The society also gets involved with the university’s intramural netball league. We participate in national sports competitions run by NHSF such as nationals in which all the NHSF-affiliated university Hindu societies compete in various sports. Our Bristol team were proud runners-up for Kho-Kho this year at Nationals.



Performances and jam sessions are run by our fusion band, Taal Music Bristol. Taal Music are a student-led band that fuse together English and Indian music, bringing together Eastern and Western melodies to form a perfect harmony. Taal have performed at multiple University events including the annual SU-held Cultural Show and the SU Society Awards.


Promoting Hindu Dharma

Alongside all the fun stuff we do, we hold optional weekly Aartis (prayer sessions) and also regularly invite guest speakers for cultural talks. The Sanskaar team also organise trips to the local Hindu Temple especially on auspicious days such as Diwali. All trips and sessions are completely optional and are just an example of the vast variety of activities the society offers.


The Wider Community

At Hindu Society, we pride ourselves with being active with the wider community of Bristol. From making and distributing sandwiches for the homeless, campus charity samosa sales and even volunteering at the local Hindu temple/Sikh Gurdwara. By helping in community projects or supporting local charities, our Sewa Reps make sure to get involved and make a difference.

Part of the NHSF (National Hindu Students Forum)

Our Affliliation With the NHSF

The University of Bristol Hindu Society is proudly affiliated with the NHSF. The NHSF provides the society with the resources and information to share our religion and culture with our members. They help us to collaborate with other University Hindu Societies to attend fantastic crossover events such as the NHSF National Sports Competition.

Namaste and welcome to the National Hindu Students’ Forum (UK)

NHSF (UK) was founded over 20 years ago because Hindu community leaders and students recognised that Hindu students had the potential to change the outlook of society. Upon launch, initial activities included campaigns and conferences that aimed to engage Hindu students with issues affecting society.
Today, we have grown to host over 4,000 active student members and form a network of thousands of alumni and professionals, all engaging in a variety of activities from campaigning and leadership development to Bhakti (worship) and Sewa (selfless service).

NHSF (UK) works in a dynamic way on many different levels. At a university level, we work through our chapters that form the bulk of the NHSF (UK) family, i.e. Hindu societies. These chapters work independently to cater for the needs of their local student population whilst taking guidance and support from the National Committee. Beyond that, we categorise these chapters into one of four zones: North, Central, South and London. The purpose of these zones is to encourage interaction between members beyond the bounds of their university and encourage collaboration. Finally, nationally, we host 5 events including our national training days, sports competition, learning event and AGM as well as several national initiatives. These national initiatives allow members from across the country to share and converse with one another, regardless of the university they are based at, and are coordinated by the National Committee or NatCom.

Through each of these initiatives and platforms, we hope to encourage Hindu youth in Higher Education to contribute more to society and ultimately to our vision: to Protect, Preserve, Practice and Promote Hindu Dharma.

– National Hindu Students’ Forum